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Enriching the Lives of Youth & Families

For over 110 years, the YMCA of Greater Houston has been committed to enriching the lives of youth and families through camping. From our first temporary camps in 1910, to our permanent camps, YMCA Camp Sandy Hook, YMCA Camp Ross Sterling Jr., YMCA Camp for Boys at Wimberley, YMCA Camp Pine Tree, YMCA Hamman Ranch Camp, and finally, YMCA Camp Cullen, camping has long been a tradition.

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Holding Greater Purpose

Holding a greater purpose

These camps are more than places, they hold a greater purpose. One filled with special memories of skills learned, passions found, and friendships made. It is through these memories that the traditions of camp are kept alive. The living history of camping at the Y is represented by alumni can be found all over our city, our state, our country and the World.

As we approach the 50th Anniversary of YMCA Camp Cullen in Trinity, Texas, we want to hear from you, treasured camp alumni. We want to engage with you, hear your stories, find old friends, preserve our history, and connect the next generation of campers to those who have come before them.

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Giving back as part of your purpose

As an alumni of YMCA Camp Cullen, one of the best ways to give back is simply to get involved. The living history of YMCA Camp Cullen is held in you – those who have experienced camp. Unfortunately, many connections have been lost over the last decades. As we approach our 50th anniversary, we want to hear your story. Your experience helps us to connect with the community, understand our history, and guide impactful decisions for our future, so the legacy of Camp Cullen can live on. Camp Cullen needs to evolve with the times. While we continue to serve the community and families in traditional ways, we are developing new innovative and creative opportunities for people to experience camp. As someone who was personally impacted by camp, we want to partner with you to take camp forward. Whether that be through your time, a talent or financially, you can make a difference. Reach out to reconnect to the YMCA Camp Cullen family today!

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Your place as an alumni

People always ask me, “Why are you going back to camp again this summer? What is so special that you have to leave home and travel 3,000 miles, halfway across the world?” To that, I say, “That’s easy, I love it!”

My name is Claudia Burns, a British girl from the sunny shores of Southampton, England. I have been a proud member of the Camp Cullen family since 2015 starting as a young camp counselor to then becoming a part of the admin team. I had no idea that one summer at camp would affect me as a person so much that I would return for another four years. I was a very shy and nervous individual before taking the leap and traveling to Texas. I could never speak in a group or in front of a room full of people. I was very scared of what people thought of me and was always in the background. However, camp brought out the true me, taught me how to build my confidence and not be scared about stepping out of my comfort zone. Now I can talk in front of groups, put my points and opinions into team discussions and I always make sure everyone is included because no one deserves to feel they are left out.

“It’s not where you are, but who you are with that truly matters.”

Camp is surrounded by acres of land filled with thrilling activities and fun-filled programs. But campers don’t realize how much of an effect they have on the counselors. I can remember my favorite memories at camp being with my campers on cabin nights and devotions. These are the times you connect and see the true character of one another. The campers’ spirit, energy and enthusiasm is what brings camp to life.

I cannot explain how grateful I am to have been given the opportunity to work at Camp Cullen. It has changed my entire life and my outlook on living it. The magic is what brings camp together, the little things are what make camp what it is. I cherish my camp memories every day and have made friends for life. I hope we can keep the joy of camp alive for future generations to come.

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Ways to stay involved with Camp Cullen

Alumni Facebook Group

The YMCA Camp Cullen Alumni Facebook group was created by alumni, for alumni, and is a great way to re-connect with others from your time at camp and share memories. The group and network get stronger each time a new member joins! Take a moment and sign up to stay connected today.

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Volunteer Opportunities

YMCA Camp Cullen has numerous ways for you to reconnect, engage and make a difference through volunteering. Opportunities include: advocacy in the community, fundraising for our annual campaign, joining us for our volunteer work/project day, or as a medical or program volunteer. Connecting to camp couldn’t be easier! Reach out through our contact form and we’ll be in touch soon.

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