Camp Cullen Specialty Camps

No matter what your child’s interests may be, YMCA Camp Cullen has the perfect option for you. Our specialty camps help kids strengthen their skills, discover new talents and develop confidence in their own potential. Each specialty track focuses on a specific activity and helps your child learn and develop skills related to their interest. Part of each day will consist of activities that relate to a specific theme, while other times will be spent doing traditional camp activities like swimming, games, art and more. Specialty summer camps are ideal for campers who know exactly what they want from their camp experience, whether its horses or to be out on the water. If you’re hoping to bring these experiences into your organization, we also have retreats available.

At younger ages, campers can often be discovering so many new opportunities in the world around them and we recommend our traditional camp experience for those campers. They will be introduced to everything camp has to offer and discover new passions and interests along the way. For some campers, they have been on that journey, and they know exactly what they like. They may never be happier than when they are sitting on the back of a horse or surfing the lake on a wakeboard. Our specialty camps are built for these campers!

We also know that teens can begin to think that they might be too cool for camp. Nothing could be further from the truth! Camp just changes right alongside them. The experience changes, and keeps them interested, empowered and growing. Longer camps, deeper relationships, changing focus and a transition that matches their own, give our Cullen teens the perfect summer experience.

I love horses and being able to ride longer for a week was the best part of my summer!

– Katie L.

Equestrian Camp

Ages 10-17
1 Week
All Riding Levels

Equestrian Camp is open to all levels of riding experience, including campers who have never ridden before, campers who have mastered the basics and campers who are ready for a real challenge. A community within the camp community, the Equestrian Specialty Camp brings together horse lovers of all skill levels to share in their joint passion for our 4-legged family. Adopting their very own horse for a week, the bonds of friendship extend beyond the other campers in the group.

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Watersports Camp

Ages 7-17
1 Week
Variety of Activities

Watersports campers will spend half of their day focusing on waterfront activities such as water skiing, wakeboarding, knee boarding, tubing, canoeing and sailing. Watersports specialty campers gain access to exclusive activity offerings unavailable to the general camp population. A close knit community who bond through shared skill building, teaching sessions and time together on the water makes for new friendships, new skills and lifelong memories of summers spent on the lake.

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I had a lot of fun and made new friends – all on the back of a tube!

– Sally P.

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This is my third year at camp. I come back each year because all of the counselors are so friendly.

– Natalie

Teen Experience

Ages 13-17
1 or 2 Week
Empower Teens

When a camper turns 13, they have the opportunity for new adventures and “teen-only” camp experiences which include Teen Adventure Camp and Teen Leadership Camp. These experiences act as stepping stones between the traditional camp experience and perhaps one day becoming a counselor, volunteer or leader in the community. The first step is through Teen Adventure Camp, bringing an adventure-based twist to the regular camp experience and then on to learning servant leadership in our Teen Leaders Program.

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