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For many campers, learning target sports can be a frustrating and challenging experience. The camper can see their goal clearly in front of them, they try and try, but simply can’t hit it. Practice, coaching and perseverance get your camper closer and closer before finally hitting the target at which they are aiming. The parallel to life is clear, and our staff don’t miss the opportunity to help your child understand.

Target Sports

At YMCA Camp Cullen, we offer archery and riflery. Target Sports offers a chance for campers to slow down and learn a skill that requires discipline, focus and patience.

Weaving in the opportunity to talk about STEM, including potential and kinetic energy, we learn while we play at the target sports ranges. Safety is the number one focus of our target sports camp, and from that base, our campers progress through their achievement levels to become expert marksmen. Besides increasing skill and learning some science and safety, campers have fun on our range! They enjoy aiming for the bullseye and not giving up until they’ve hit it!

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Archery allows campers to improve their skills with a bow and arrow. Campers will learn how to use equipment, on-course safety and will challenge themselves to hit the bullseye.

From beginner to expert, our archery camp range offers a challenge to any archer. There is no rest for the expert, as we challenge them to teach the next generation of budding archers. The joy and pride in the face of a child hitting their first bullseye makes the world a brighter place.

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Rifle Range

Although it is a great deal of fun and offers much excitement, there is a tremendous amount of safety being taught and exhibited on our rifle range. Teaching is an important element in any camp; however, at the rifle range it is of paramount importance. Campers progress from shooting BB and pellet guns to .22 rifles as they display skill progression and safety respect for the equipment and range.

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Target Sports Safety

Safety is the number one priority in all our programs, and nowhere more so than in Target Sports. Our counselors are trained by NRA Range Safety Officers, and the first thing any camper group does at the range is refresh on their safety orientation. Campers wear all appropriate safety attire, including arm guards, finger guards, safety glasses, ear protection and any other appropriate equipment for the particular range.

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