Houses at Camp Cullen

Let the tradition begin!

Through our House System, campers will be assigned to one of four camp houses: Phoenix, Lusca, Dragon and Centaur. Teaching your camper some mythology, history, lore and astronomy, they will have a place to belong forever with their House. Houses are a community within the camp community and a connection to their day camp experience if they’ve attended one of our programs.

Once assigned to a house, your camper and your family remain in that camp house throughout your time at camp, as well as from year to year. This instills in kids and their families a sense of pride and a legacy from their time at YMCA Camp Cullen that will continue for generations to come.

House Phoenix

A majestic beast that is full of passion, the Phoenix is loyal ‘til the end. This goes as well for the Great Phoenix, who shared the ruling of the World with the other Great Beasts. Having lived for many years, the creatures of the Fire Realm trusted and respected this wondrous bird. Now, the Fire Realm is an amazing wonderland, filled with the most wondrous sights of warmth. There were no rules, no guidelines and the creatures were allowed to do whatever they pleased. Often, this ended in chaos, but it was a beautiful chaos.

House Lusca

This stunning beast is a fighter and a hard worker. The Great Lusca, who ruled the World with the other Great Beasts, embodied these qualities more than anyone else. The chosen ruler of the Ocean, the Great Lusca had centuries behind him. The Ocean is a life force of the planet. The deep, mysterious oceans that spanned the globe hid untold treasures. Magic infused the water as wonderful plants grew from the seabed. Coral reefs of every color scattered the floor. The serenity of the Ocean was calming to all who lived there, and those who visited as well.

House Dragon

This magnificent beast is strong and always trustworthy. The Great Dragon, who ruled the World with the other Great Beasts, embodied these qualities to no end. As the largely acknowledged ruler of the Sky, the Dragon has lived for centuries. The Skies stretch on forever, with their beautiful colors that illuminate the world beneath. Living amongst the soft and fluffy clouds, the creatures of the Sky were happy and content in their home, intertwined in sunsets that brightened their days. Their ecstatic laughs of joy reminded the creatures of the Sky that this was where they belonged.

House Centaur

This incredible beast is extremely patient, yet tough. The Great Centaur, who shared the ruling of the World with the other Great Beasts, embodied these qualities more than anyone else. Widely accepted as the ruler of the Realm of the Earth, the Great Centaur was centuries old. The Earth is full of the most lush forests ever seen. Each tree sports its own hues of green, orange and red. Lovely crystal clear waters flow through in twisting spirals. Nature was allowed to roam freely, which created beautiful and stunning landscapes. The soft sound of birdsong ascends through the branches to warm every creature’s heart.

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Additional Benefits of
Camp Cullen’s House System

Houses also allow children to step out of their comfort zone and join a new group of people during their time at camp. Composed of different ages and backgrounds, the House System provides your children with new experiences and opportunities for a little friendly competition.

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