Camp Cullen Watersports Camp

Watersports Camp

Watersports Camp gives your camper three hours a day of dedicated excitement on the waterfront as part of their normal camp activities. Watersports Camp gives your camper more time participating in the aspect of camp they love most. Our waterfront has a lot to offer the traditional camper but even more to offer the watersports specialty camper. Three hours a day beyond normal water activities of dedicated learning and aquatic adventure time make the watersports track special. Exclusive adventures and experiences will bring the watersports community together. No matter their skill level, the love of watersports is a common bond.

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Exclusive Watersports Camp Activities

Your camper gains access to activities exclusive to Watersports Camp like wakeboarding, kneeboarding, waterskiing and more.Our high end ski boats, dedicated ski instructors, and the beautiful lake Livingston, provide all the tools needed to deliver an incredible experience.


An absolute favorite amongst our watersports groups. A mixture of cool, challenging and achievable with advanced tricks possible.


An expert can do incredible things, while a beginner can gain confidence. Kneeboarding is the perfect teaching tool.


The original, and many still consider the best test of skill, coordination and confidence on the water.

Other Activities:

When the campers are ready for a change of pace, we’ll give them a little something different be it pirates, scavenger hunts, raft building or something new and creative.

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A Community within a Community

This is a community within a community at camp. Campers will spend time together out on the lake, teaching and learning together. At the same time, each camper receives individual attention from our skilled watersports staff. The common struggle of learning together builds comradery among this small community.

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Watersports Camp Staff

Our watersports staff come from all over the world to teach your child, often from New Zealand and Australia. All of our staff are picked for their character, but special attention is taken in the watersports staff to hire characters with the skill to back up their position.

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The camp experience is a transformational one. No matter where your child is on the journey to being the best version of themselves, the camp experience can take them one step closer. Spots are limited by the number of beds on camp, so sign up today to lock in yours!

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