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YMCA Camp Cullen, not a place, a purpose. Camp is a place to belong, to thrive and to grow, whether it be summer camp, schools attending for outdoor education, families connecting to nature and each other, or groups enjoying fellowship and achieving their goals. It is our belief that the magic of the camp experience should be available to all, regardless of their ability to pay. It is also our belief that every member of the community has something to offer the next generation, whether it be through their time, talent or treasure. Camp brings communities together, through our staff, volunteers and program participants, and it is through the people we serve that we fulfill our purpose.

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Annual Campaign

Annual Support Campaign

Whether due to unemployment, poor health, financial hardship or special circumstance, people struggle to provide for their families. Programs at YMCA Camp Cullen stress the importance of values and character development that build honesty, respect, caring, faith and responsibility among our children.

Each year the need grows for more kids to experience horse back riding, swimming, camp songs, archery, water sports, values sessions, ropes course, arts/crafts and hiking. We find our residential camps help children gain independence and leadership skills. Summer camp is a magical place that reinforces life long Christian values and morals in God’s natural outdoor environment.

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Camp Cullen Capital Campaign

Thanks to the generous support of donors, the YMCA of Greater Houston is able to continuously elevate the special experience YMCA Camp Cullen provides for children and families. The contribution of over $21 million dollars by hundreds of compassionate supporters has been transformed into new facilities and upgrades that have increased the safety, accessibility, and innovation of camp.

Our new health center is the most recent example of donor generosity in action. This new facility will allow us to better meet the needs of every camper, increase our focus on behavioral well-being, and further our commitment to health and safety.

As we look towards the future, the continued generosity of donors will further enhance our programs and ensure that every camper is provided with an experience that will help them discover new interests, strengthen their values, develop lasting relationships, and so much more. Every gift helps preserve and strengthen the magic and tradition of YMCA Camp Cullen. Your support will inspire future generations of campers and their families and forever be a part of the story we tell.

Donate to the Capital Campaign

Capital Campaign

Looking for ways to contribute? There are many ways to get involved. Some ways you can give:


YMCA Camp Cullen has a volunteer advisory board, and welcomes your application to serve with us. This is just one of the many ways in which you can give of your time. Other opportunities include joining us for our annual work days, where we beautify camp and build new facilities for the campers to enjoy and learn from. Your time is a precious resource, and we promise to spend it wisely!


We have volunteers joining us every year to give of their talent to our participants. This ranges from geology tours, to crafts and star gazing, to our medical volunteers who help keep our campers safe during the summer season. We are always looking for new ways to maximize the use of our facilities to provide magical experiences to our campers, and your talent might just be the thing that sparks a new passion and sense of wonder in a child.


Each year, YMCA Camp Cullen raises funds to ensure that finance is not the barrier that stands between a child and a one-of-a-kind camp experience. We seek to assist well over 300 campers each and every year through the generous support of our donors. Every gift, large or small, goes directly to serving children at camp. We would welcome your generous personal donation, or your advocacy in your network to help us support the next set of campers who will experience the magic of YMCA Camp Cullen.

Contact Bailey Teague for information on Equestrian donations or Horse Sponsorships at

Let us know how you can make an impact:

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How we’ve influenced kids

YMCA Camp Cullen, through its programs, provides a profound impact on the lives of the children who pass through the front gates. Our responsibility is to help guide these children on their growth journey to becoming the best version of themselves. Campers come to us from all backgrounds, and at all stages along that journey, and the experience they have with us helps open their eyes to a world of possibilities.

Campers learn new skills, build confidence, form meaningful relationships, find role models, discover new passions, develop a healthy independence and form a new level of grit, determination and resilience. All of these lessons are learned in a single week, built on by returning for more camp experiences, and all achieved while having a magical, fun and adventure packed week.

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