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A registration to a summer program at YMCA Camp Cullen is a ticket to a transformational experience for your child. Through intentionally designed programs, we challenge your child to take steps on the journey to being the best version of themselves. Grit, confidence, skills, decision making, healthy independence and problem solving are just a small selection of what your child will learn. Register today to secure your child’s spot for an EPIC experience.

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Three young girls sit in a pile of sand grinning at the camera while at summer camp. Two of the girls have on glasses and another has a hat.

The History of Camp Cullen

From our Houston area camping roots which date back to 1910, to our current best-in-class facility, camping has been an integral piece of the YMCA of Greater Houston’s impact on youth over the last century.

Our history is rich and tradition strong, but at the end of the day our reason for being is simple – camp is a place for youth to discover and thrive and it’s our passion to help campers develop character, deepen their values, explore their talents, and have a fun summer. Our well-rounded approach to the camp experience is what makes Camp Cullen special.

The memories your child makes at camp will stick with them long after summer break. So, what makes a summer at Camp Cullen stand out?

  • Intentional programing designed to give campers the opportunity to choose their own schedule while also ensuring they’re challenged and developing new skills.
  • Carefully selected young adult role models that will act as leaders and friends to our campers. All staff complete robust trainings that align with our commitment to standards of excellence.
  • Premier facilities built to serve youth and their families, 500 acres to explore, and more stars in the sky than you’ll ever see in the city.
  • Friendship building, community living, outdoor exploration, reflection, challenge, and so much more.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Camp Cullen welcomes all campers ages 7-17. Campers 13-15 have the opportunity to participate in our Teen Adventure Camp while campers ages 16-17 can participate in our Teen Leadership Camp. Our two specialty camps, Equestrian Camp and Watersports camp are open to campers ages 9 -16. Once a camper turns 18, they can apply to be a summer camp counselor with plenty of experience to include on their applications.

At no time does our ratio exceed 10 campers to 1 counselor and sometimes can be as low as 5:1, depending on activity and situation.

Yes, by age and gender. Cabins are single-gender and campers are separated by no more than three years in age. During various camp activities and meal times, campers will have the opportunity to be with others of a different age group within their pod. However, all campers are constantly supervised by Camp Cullen counselors and will adhere to our COVID policies and procedures.

Absolutely, as long as they are the same gender and age. In CAMPDOC, your online registration for medical and emergency contact information, there is a place to notate your cabinmate requests. Just put down the name of the other child and be certain the other parent lists your child as well.

We recommend giving your child the opportunity to enjoy camp without parental interruption. If your child is homesick or has any other problem you should know about, we will notify you of the situation. Our counselors are well trained and can solve potential issues before they become a problem. We encourage you to send your child letters and staff is always available to speak with you about your camper. Simply call the camp office at 936-594-2274.

Not a problem! Many of our campers need to be administered medication while at camp. Our staff dispenses all medications, including inhalers, and our infirmary is ALWAYS open. Simply complete the section in CAMPDOC and bring your prescription medication to camp in the original containers listing your child’s name, dosage and medication times. Also, please bring any necessary over-the-counter items such as vitamins, creams and lotions in original containers.

All items must be turned in at the Health Center at check-in with the camper’s name labeled on each item. Medications and over-the-counter items must be in their original container. However, we stock many over-the-counter medications needed at camp. Please specify in CAMPDOC in the Health Section of the registration form any medications you do not want to be administered to your child. You can also submit any changes and instructions for medications at check-in.

We strongly suggest that campers stay on regular daily medication during their time at camp.

  1. The first time choosing a summer camp for your child can be a daunting prospect and a brave step. Reach out to our staff to get to know us, and maybe take a tour of our magnificent site. We want to give you peace of mind, and instill a trust that you are picking the perfect partner for your child’s growth.
  2. Children require more than intellectual growth and physical health to become happy, successful adults. They also need to develop the social skills necessary for positive relationships with others. New friends are a wonderful part of the camp experience, but so can sharing the experience with an existing friend. Coordinate your dates, and you can request that your camper be bunked with a friend from home!
  3. Picky eating can be a source of fear for parents. Will my child get enough to eat? Will they like what’s offered? Don’t worry! We can accommodate any special dietary requirements, and every meal service has multiple choices, from the main meal options, vegetarian options, sandwich bar, salad bar and cereal bar!
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