Email Your Camper

Email A Camper

Campers love receiving messages from friends and family while they’re at YMCA Camp Cullen! That’s why we’re delighted to offer a fast and easy way to send an email to your camper this summer while at camp.

Let your camper know you love them, and can’t wait to hear all their stories when you see them at the end of the week!

Here’s How it Works

  1. Parents, family and friends can use the online form below to send your camper a message.
  2. Once you send your message, your camper will receive it the next day!
  3. Messages will be printed and put in your camper’s cabin mailbox to pick up at meal times.
  4. There is an 11 am cut-off time for messages sent on Friday’s

Email A Camper

Campers LOVE receiving mail. It can lift their day, help their struggles and let them know they are loved. Keep the messages positive and forward-looking. This way, you’ll set your camper up to have an extra pep in their step as they go about making their next memory and writing the next chapter in the story to share when they come home.

Camper's Name
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*Please note that this is a one-way email. Campers will receive your message, but they will not be responding.

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