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YMCA Camp Cullen gives groups of all sizes the space to get away from the everyday whirlwind while reconnecting with nature for adventure, learning and fun! Featuring a wide variety of both water and land activities, YMCA Camp Cullen has something to pique everyone’s interests – whether it’s youth, families, faith-based organizations, or corporate teams.

Not too far, but not too close, YMCA Camp Cullen is the perfect getaway location. Nestled among the tall pines along the shores of Lake Livingston, our magnificent 530-acre property is located just 90 miles north of Houston, with easy access to I-45 and Hwy 59.

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Retreat Details

Availability – Retreats at YMCA Camp Cullen are available nearly year-round and retreats can be booked up to a year in advance. Date slots are filled on the basis of the first group to sign their contract and pay their deposit for their event. The facility can be booked for exclusive use for your group when booking a $20,000 contract or above.

Pricing – Pricing depends on length of stay, choice of activities, and number of meals requested. Please call to request more information about your next retreat.

Facilitation – A selection of facilitated activities are included in a standard group rate, but some specialized activities can be added for a small additional fee. We’ll help you plan the best experience to match the goals of your retreat.

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Teambuilding, Retreats and Group Programs

YMCA Camp Cullen offers a wide array of customizable group experiences or pre-set itinerary with choice programs and services to suit the unique needs of your particular group. We focus on your specific goals from problem-solving, trust, communication, leadership or teamwork. With sessions ranging from 30 minutes to all day, we can build the perfect experience for you. We offer various levels of activity and difficulty, from simple indoor games to complex, high adventure challenges designed to put your team to the test. Contact us and allow us to plan the perfect retreat for your group.

  • Corporate Events: (leadership retreats, company picnics)
  • Faith-Based Groups: (youth, adult, and leadership retreats)
  • School Groups: (outdoor education, field trips)

Your schedule will be custom designed to match your goals.

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Design a Retreat for Your Group

Corporate Events

YMCA Camp Cullen provides the perfect balance between connecting to the outdoors and doing so in comfort. Air-conditioned cabins, paved walkways, beautiful outdoor settings for eating and enjoying, as well as indoor settings for meeting and strategizing. Camp will keep you connected to the world, and connect you to each other, and your company’s vision.

Faith-Based and Other Groups

The YMCA is welcoming to people from all backgrounds and provides the perfect setting to connect with the wonders of nature, each other and your faith. Take your congregation away from the hustle and bustle of the city and spend time in scripture. Connect with each other through learning, play and study.

School Groups

YMCA Camp Cullen provides an incredible opportunity to learn about nature in the great Texas outdoors while also providing the comforts and indoor learning spaces that allow educators and students alike to get the most out of a retreat experience. Camp Cullen is the perfect partner in educational growth opportunities for school students.

Custom Teambuilding Based on Your Group’s Unique Goal

Every team has unique challenges, strengths and weaknesses. We will work with you as a group leader to identify the goals for your team’s growth and build a teamwork experience that focuses on the development of those goals through the stage setting, facilitation and debrief.

Looking for something a bit less structured? We also offer the opportunity for guests to come out with no set agenda. Your team can relax and recharge by enjoying the amazing scenery, sharing a good meal and participating in some fun activities that aren’t available in the city.

Banquets, Parties and Special Occasions

YMCA Camp Cullen is an incredible place and without question will provide the perfect backdrop for your special day. Whether it’s a wedding, reception, reunion, or milestone birthday, let our staff take care of all the details and make your special occasion hassle-free and picture perfect.

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Book Your Group’s Next Retreat

Please take the time to reach out and let us know when your interest in having Camp Cullen host your retreat.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Please complete our inquiry form and someone will be in touch, or you can call our office directly at 936-594-2274. Whether this is your first time booking a retreat, or you are an experienced retreat coordinator and want to get straight to the point, we can get you where you need to go.

This will depend on your desired dates. Often, multiple groups will attend YMCA Camp Cullen for a retreat at the same time. In this case, itineraries will be designed to maintain separation between group experiences. Or you may choose to book ‘exclusive use’. This status is given depending on complexity of the group experience, contract size, or number of guests.

We would welcome the conversation, and typically have the capacity to meet the needs of almost any group. Our goal is to ensure that you have a successful retreat experience, that meets your expectations, and will help you reach your goals. We will only book a contract with you if we believe that we can deliver a first-class experience.

We understand that there are any number of complications that can make booking a retreat challenging. Our contracts allow for varying points of locking in details based on the number of days out from the retreat. They also outline policies varying from cancellation, to date moving, to expanding your numbers. Typically, we will book to your best estimate of retreat size and scope, and then make adjustments based on availability as the retreat date approaches.

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