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Summer Camp

Our summer season of 2020 was interrupted by the COVID-19 pandemic. The trails, cabins, halls and activity areas fell quiet and left all who love camp with a feeling of loss. It is with great joy that we welcome campers in 2021, even if it is at a lower capacity to keep everyone safe. The smiles on camper’s faces as they arrive at camp to the excitement, joy and anticipation made all the planning worth it. We work through the 2021 summer season with a new hope and expectation for what camp can continue to do for the young people in our society. 2022 is already showing on the horizon, and we can’t wait to put COVID camping in the rearview, and explode into a camp experience bursting at the seams.


Our Volunteer Board has come through for camp in new and incredible ways during the COVID-19 pandemic. YMCA Camp Cullen has always received support in time, talent and treasure beyond measure, and in the last 12 months, the Volunteer Board has upheld that tradition by repeatedly going back to the well to give of all three. Whether it be through personal giving, advocacy, burden sharing of necessary tasks to sustain us, creating new ways to fundraise and sustain operations, morale support or partnership in strategic thought, the volunteer board has brought their resources to bear on the crisis and helped camp survive.

Retreat Season

Our retreat season is going through a full overhaul. The pause in traditional retreat programming allowed us to take a step back and look at what camp could be, and just how many young people we could serve if we focused our efforts with renewed vigor. Through this process, we have launched into a series of design sprints intended to bring back the glory days of Outdoor Education partnerships between the YMCA and school districts across the Houston area. We believe firmly in the importance of Outdoor Education for youth, and time for families to spend in nature together. Over the next 6-12 months, you will see a host of materials coming out to promote the new operating priority.


Once again, our Board has gone forth into the community, and advocated for the campers-in-waiting. A successful Annual Campaign resulted in over $500,000 being raised to support young people having a transformational camp experience in 2021. The consistency, passion, drive and determination of our volunteer board take us to new levels each and every year. The demand for financial support continues to rise, and the camp, the Y our board, and the community continue to respond.

Community Work Days

Our community volunteer work day happens annually in the fall and always yields impactful and rewarding work. As we look forward to new projects, we also reflect on those achieved in the past. Our Prospector’s Peak faux western town continues to grow and take shape. Campers experience the old west as a result of the labors of our volunteers on community work days. We have built safety fences, planted trees, built benches, painted, stained and prepared through the years, and all of it in service of our beloved campers. Each project helps us facilitate better experiences for our youth, and continue to impact lives!

What is the refund and payment policy?

We have a guaranteed 100% refund if you have concerns about attending due to COVID-19. Your registration must be canceled in writing (email) in advance of check-in day to be refunded. You may also work with us to schedule a payment plan via a credit card and/or bank draft, but the full tuition must be paid at least two weeks prior to the start of camp. Failure to complete payment will result in a cancelation of the registration and the advancement of another camper from the waiting list.