Camp Cullen Adventure Courses

Adventure Courses

Challenge by choice – our ropes courses offer an unfamiliar challenge to your camper. They have the opportunity to set a goal, reach the goal, and exceed the goal. As your camper undertakes their challenge, they will grow their resilience and grit, building a new belief and confidence in themselves. Our 55-foot climbing tower, ‘tree-top’ course and zip-line join forces to be one of the most unique challenge courses in Texas.

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Imagine the Moment

High ropes activities are fun, but we look deeper for the true magic of the activity. For a child who has never participated in a high ropes course, their knees can shake and their heart beats a little faster when they stand atop the zip line platform. At that moment, they experience doubt, fear and wonder if they are strong enough. Their character changes forever in the moment that they step off the platform. That doubt, fear and wonder is replaced by confidence, elation and a new found belief in themselves.

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Team Building Activities

Our challenge course offers campers an opportunity to develop and improve the ability to solve problems, communicate and work together. It is our intention to facilitate a camper’s learning through a progression of elements within our course. We begin with group games, initiatives and low elements. As a camper begins to learn new skills and improve in the dynamics of group work, the challenges increase. Once low elements are completed, they will move to the high elements and the climbing tower where we utilize harnesses and other equipment to insure the participant’s safety.

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Hamill High Ropes

Through the generous donation of the Hamill Foundation, campers can add to the adventure of summer camp by taking on the challenge of the Hamill High Ropes Course. It is a way to test your courage, to build relationships and learn about safety and responsibility!

Problem solving under pressure is a combination that builds toughness, decision making under pressure and instills a new ceiling of confidence, as well as a new floor for belief that is as high as the ropes elements themselves. Your camper’s smile of pride and accomplishment will be brighter than the sun when they reach the ground.

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Alpine Climbing Tower

The ultimate climbing experience for both youth and adults. Whether climbing is a hobby or just an occasional escape, the Alpine Tower offers something for everyone. The tower stands over 50′ tall with three distinct entrances to over a dozen total elements. With the tower is also a giant swing where the participant starts out near ground level and then is raised to a height of his or her choosing before self-releasing and taking flight. The vast array of initiatives and elements create a team building experience unlike any other.

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Zip Line

Race a friend down one of the longest zip lines in Texas. It all starts by climbing the stairs to the top of our zip tower. At the top you will be greeted by our Challenge Course Certified staff member who will get you clipped into our equipment. Then it is off to the races as you zoom down over a quarter mile of cable toward Lake Livingston.

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