Camper Photos

Camper Photos

We know that sending your child to overnight camp is a big decision. We also know that during their time away you may be sitting at home missing them, wondering if they are safe and having fun. While your camper will miss you too, they’ll also be busy having fun, and experiencing things that will make for the best stories when they get home!

We hope these images give you a glimpse into the amazing time your camper is having, and reassure you that their time at YMCA Camp Cullen will be filled with memories that will last a lifetime.

Camper Photos

Get a Sneak Peek

This year, we are excited to be using Waldo, a facial recognition photo program that texts photos of your camper directly to you and up to six family members. If texting is not your thing, we’re happy to share the password protected website information as well. Be sure to read through the Parent Handbook to find out how to sign up for this awesome new feature at YMCA Camp Cullen!


Photos of your child will vary from day to day, but you may be able to catch your camper with their bunk mates, dressed in their theme-related outfits, having fun at the pool and more! It’s a great way to get a little glimpse into camp life and feel reassured they’re having a great time.

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Capture the Moment

We hope that these photos will give you a glimpse into their camp experience and all of the stories they’ll be excited to tell you at the end of the week! We encourage you to show the photos to your camper to see when they return home, and use them as a great way to recap their wonderful week spent at YMCA Camp Cullen. The images captured are great conversation starters and a unique way to hear more about their time with new friends and different activities they have conquered while at camp.

While we do our best to capture at least one photo of each child every day, unfortunately we won’t be able to capture every adventure your child has during their time at Camp. These images are meant to be a brief snapshot into their day, not a play-by-play of everything they do. Know that they are thriving, having fun and will come home with so many amazing stories to share!

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