YMCA Camp Cullen and COVID-19

YMCA Camp Cullen and COVID-19 – What You Need to Know

At YMCA Camp Cullen, the health and safety of our campers, staff and our community is our top priority. We continue to monitor guidelines, protocols, and best practices for the prevention of COVID-19. To ensure the safety of all who visit camp, we have layered in extra precautions against communicable diseases. A series of “non-pharmaceutical interventions” (NPI’s) have been developed through consultation with the American Camping Association, CDC, and local health and licensing bodies to keep your child and the camp community safe and healthy.

The core of our NPI’s is formed around layers of protection:

  1. Restrict the virus from entering the camp ‘bubble’
  2. Clean and sanitize regularly
  3. Restrict mixing of groups
  4. Distancing and mask wearing
  5. Facility enhancements

The implementation of each layer of protection decreases the risk of transmission within the camp community, as well as to the extended community of parents and families after your child’s camp experience is over. The successful implementation of these layers of protection requires responsible action from every member of the community – the camp, the staff, the camper and the family.

The Camp: To put in place and hold accountable to a set of best practices to restrict community spread within the camp environment.

The Staff: To live into the standards put in place and ensure that their behaviors protect the children in their care in the moment, and the children coming into their care in future camp sessions.

The Camper: To respect the boundaries and behaviors required of them to keep their community safe.

The Family: To take precautions prior to the camp experience, including opening day, to minimize the potential piercing of the first layer of protection – the virus entering the camp ‘bubble.’ Each of the five layers of protection is outlined in more detail on the second page of the “What You Need to Know” section, but know that our standards go much deeper, and are laid out for each camp activity and situational application. If you would like to know how we will be enacting these rules in any given situation at camp, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us to learn more.

Our 5 Layers of Protection:

  1. Restrict the virus from entering the camp ‘bubble’
  • Staff vaccination program prior to camp
  • Staff quarantine period prior to camp
  • Restrictions on traffic in and out of camp while camp is in session
  • Changes to opening day that limit the movement of parents outside of their vehicle
  • Screening procedures (temperature checks and questionnaire) prior to check-in Education of all stakeholders prior to session start
  1. Clean and Sanitize regularly
  • Activity equipment will all be single-use or sanitized between uses
  • Hand sanitizer available at all locations and with counselors
  • Enhanced cleaning procedures in all areas and between sessions
  • Hand washing culture
  1. Restrict mixing of groups
  • Camp community split into pods, by age group, that never share the same space or interact – the most restricted layer of movement
  • Pods are made up of 4 cabins that interact through freedom of activity choice – a medium layer of restricted movement
  • Campers live in the same cabin with a reduced number of other campers – the least restrictive layer
  1. Distancing and mask wearing
  • Masks will be worn in indoor ‘public’ spaces – i.e., activity spaces or dining hall, except while at the tables eating meals.
  • Masks will be worn when outdoors and not actively engaged in an activity – e.g., sports, climbing, sailing, etc.
  • Distancing will be observed at all times.
  1. Facility enhancements
  • Cleaning and sanitizing stations built around camp
  • Contactless water distribution
  • Opening and closing day structure built to allow transmission free environment
  • Modifications to cabin layout and airflow, including air conditioning filter improvements and Plexi-barriers between bunks and sinks.