Camp Cullen Riding Club

Riding Club Details

  • Ages: 7 and older
  • Dates: Offered in the spring and fall on Fridays from 5:30 – 7 pm. Click Register for specific start dates.
  • Cost: $150 for six sessions

Riding Club is the opportunity for your child to experience the fun of horseback riding camp all year long! It’s the perfect after school activity that is guaranteed to foster your child’s love for horses while providing them valuable lessons in responsibility. The bond between horse and rider is enhanced with time spent together.

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Riding Club Instruction

At riding club, participants will learn to ride and enjoy horses safely under the supervision of a trained riding instructor. Each week they will enjoy activities of their choosing such as mounted games and trail rides. Participants will also learn all about horses through ground lessons on topics such as horse body parts and colors, parts of tack and horse nutrition and care. At the start of each day, riders will be responsible to catch, groom and saddle their own horse. Riders may choose their own horse at their ability level with instructor approval, though they may change horses to learn new skills.

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Riding Club Participation

The Riding Club program is participant-focused and does not have a rigidly structured curriculum. Any child, whether at the beginner horseback riding level or an advanced equestrian, can participate at their appropriate level multiple times until he or she has the necessary skills to advance.

Beginner/Novice: The Beginner/Novice class is for riders who have never ridden a horse as well as those who have ridden quite a bit and can control their horse at the trot, but do not have experience at the canter. The Beginner/Novice class will be focused on learning mainly through games such as musical poles, around the world and relay races. Instructors will provide increased challenges in these games as riders improve their skills at different paces.

Intermediate/Advanced: The Intermediate/Advanced class is for riders who are gaining experience at the canter as well as those who are proficient at the canter and have the ability to use their aids independently to follow instructions for more complex maneuvers. The intermediate/advanced class will still join in with games, but they will also spend time on improving their precision through patterns.

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What to Wear

  • Helmets: All riders are required to wear camp-provided helmets. Helmets will be sanitized between each use.
  • Long Pants: All riders are required to wear their own long pants.
  • Closed Toe Shoes: Riders must wear sturdy closed-toe shoes with a smooth sole.
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